What Really Is

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The river is ever present. It is the place from which everything comes and to which it all returns. It is in constant motion but it never really changes. It is Truth. Everything is in it and it is in everything. It is the source, the digit preceding zero, the thing that is before the beginning, that which allows everything to begin. Everything rushes forth from it and yearns to return to it. It is the fundamental nature of all. Nothing can darken it, nothing can empty it of life and beauty, nothing can extinguish it. It is there by nature of its very being. It is the nature of all things.  

What Really Is is an ongoing inquiry of this Truth. It is the difference between that which really is and the false images we have developed and accustomed ourselves to believe in. It is a shared platform for exploring the wisdom that is revealed to those who seek to know it. 

At the heart of the website is a full-length book speaking the essence of this wisdom and throughout are various other expressions touching upon these same insights and practical applications, allowing us and encouraging us to together explore what it really means to really live this Truth.


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