“For me, coaching is choosing life. Choosing this vivid vibration which is revealed and gets set free when I agree to let go of ideas that turned into inner rules, signs and walls.

In sessions, the intuitive motion gets room to move, and revives, and reminds me of my true nature, with the intensity, the beauty and the clarity, which are the language of the soul.”

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    What Really Is - Coaching Sessions

    There is – what is happening, and there is – what we think is happening. 

    This is probably the human condition – being & thinking. We can’t and shouldn’t try to solve it. But we’d better know – it is so. And that these two are not the same. 


    Coaching invites us to discern the difference between being & thinking and from that point on, live fully – with, through and due to this differentiation. It means giving up our stubbornness to “know and understand”, but to plant our feet in the fact that we are a part of a huge, magnificent and mysterious motion. From there we’re invited to see, act and know anew.


    It requires a high level of presence, between oneself, first of all. Initially it takes a devoted practice because we have gotten used to NOT living like this, but once you’re in it, it becomes like breathing.