Recommendation – How to read the words in the New Dictionary:

A word is a vessel through which essence, energy passes. The word is never the thing itself.

What is the real “thing”? It is good to answer this question in silence.

Therefore the invitation to this dictionary is “tricky”; it seems like it tries to replace one “definition” with another “definition” but it does not. This dictionary is an opportunity to look at a word from a different perspective than we are used to. And ask what is the essence of this word, coming from the mystery? From nature? From the inconceivable knowing that everything is one, everything is motion and I am a part of it? 
From here you will find that the new “definition” sometimes sounds poetic or even irritating to the mind, because it cannot understand it. It’s OK. Let the words be a tool and listen to the energy that passes through them. That’s exactly what we came here to do.

Coming out of the knowing that everything is connected and everything is in motion:


Consideration means to be, to truly feel, to make love with life and let it take me. It is knowing that I am not losing myself if my path changes. Knowing that I don’t know who I am and that neither does he. Knowing that I have often been confused and that so has she.  And not stopping there. 


It is seeing the soul through the thorns of the personality and trusting it. Moving gently but not carefully. Touching through sense and not through knowledge. Listening to the mystery being revealed. And doing it all with my eyes closed. With my whole self. Fully present. Remembering that life is a game and that – yes! – I am allowed to play. 


The reality created: I don’t need to prevent or avoid the unfamiliar because I am not the one who prevents or avoids. I don’t need to know how or where because love is guiding my hand and strumming the strings of my heart. I can let go of the fear that I will break something because anyway there are no walls. Anything that can break in this world is not real. Next to the beauty and wisdom that will be revealed is also the knowledge that everything is here for us to play with, that consideration is infinite. 


“I don’t have any more energy to be considerate, to understand and to accept. I want to get what I want, and that’s it.”

We got used to thinking that…

consideration means living with a belief that the world and people are what they are and that there is nothing more to them than what we see: They already know everything about themselves, they know who and what they are, and all they can do now is understand what they already know about themselves and not disturb the process. The most important thing is to not shake things up, to not change the rules of the game, to not cause even a bit of upheaval to the fragile structure of the “me”. 


The reality created: I am constantly afraid that I will be shaken and in pain, that I will break or experience upheaval, that I will crack and will no longer be the me who I think I am, the me I think I must be. There is very little movement – because it’s difficult not to shake things up when you are dancing a free dance with life, so it’s better not to do it at all. It’s safer like this. There is a dulling of the senses – because it’s easier to prevent strong movement when you don’t feel anything. There is guilt – because if I loved a lot, if I left myself truly feel, if I allowed myself to dive deep into the mystery, if I felt a big calling, if I truly believed in us – then I will be broken, cracked or destabilized. It will mean that I wasn’t considerate, that I did exactly the opposite of what a considerate person must do. It will mean that I was blunt and rude, egotistical and controlling, and that I must fix my ways and return to the correct path. I must straighten myself, remember the rules and make myself fit them. Like this. Yes. Do you see? Like everyone. Simple. Talk quieter. Don’t jump too high. What do you think? That you invented something here?  That you know better than everyone else? 


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