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Iran’s Coronavirus Response:
Pride, Paranoia, Secrecy, Chaos

From the original source: Iranian leaders once predicted the coronavirus epidemic ravaging China would not affect their country. Now Iran has among the most coronavirus deaths outside China, and Iranian medical workers have been told to keep quiet.

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

I put myself in the shoes of an Iranian doctor in the time of the Corona-virus.

First, I allow the shock to overwhelm me. Could it really be that they don’t care about us? Is it really possible that the government is more concerned with appearing well, than they are in our lives? Could it be?? I am completely shaken by this. My heart breaks, I cry. I think about my girls. Another breathless moment.
And then, I breathe. I come back to my senses. The answer is yes, this is reality, and this is the reality I am asked to live.

What now?

I am a doctor, I took an oath to help people, and my oath is my priority.


Is it so? I dare to stop and ask myself… Did I believe, when I took this oath, that I will be put in a situation like this? Am I willing to die for this oath, that I took when I was young, before I became a mother, when I still believed that the government was mine, for me, for the people? To whom did I vow to? Do I allow myself to deny it today? To drop everything, maybe even leave the country and go to a place where the government is really for the people…. is there such a place…?

I’m clueless. I remain quiet. As best I can when there is so much noise. I hear my oath, and it is asking for all of me. I vow again. At this moment.

What now? 

I call my husband, and say that I will not come home for a while now. I am of the hospital now. I may not return home at all. My heart beats really fast. Even though I’ve made up my mind, I’m still very riled up. His silence breaks me. I don’t want to speak with the girls now.  Maybe later. Maybe tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.
The call ends, and I give myself fully to the reality of the hospital. My heart is broken from the betrayal of the government, but I know that there is no place now for revenge or rebellion. We work with what is here. Saving lives is the number one priority. Love is the number one priority.  I stop and look at the ward. I allow everything to speak to me, the colleagues, the forms, the patients, the equipment, the smell, the lighting, and my body inside all this. I look for people I can speak with, simply. Those who will understand, and feel and will act, from love, obediently. I have no room for resistance now. Very little room for attitudes or arguments and fixed opinions.
How can we act as one, now? One that includes the government.
How can we act as much as we can from connectedness?  From knowing that with the benefit of everyone in mind, the feeling of unity will expand, deepen and rise.
I go into detail to wrap my head around what the government wants, until I fully understand what is important to them. How they would like to be seen from the outside, what motivates them, and what I can do to serve them well. I might have to lie, to forge numbers, to manipulate reports. I might do it. I look inside. My oath takes me back to the essence. If I will need to – I will lie.
Who can help me with this? Maybe a reporter? Maybe the hospital spokesman?  Who is this person? I ask the secretary to connect me with this person. And I ask her how she is today.
I move to the staff, the doctors and nurses – what do we have? What is missing and is crucial? Who has been working already for long hours? Who has just come? Who needs a break to eat or call home? Who is sick….?

And like this, one step at a time, with everything, everyone, every moment, I ask to remember – myself, the love, the unity, the surrendering into life, as it is, and be one with it, all of me. 

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