Like Breathing

It is based on a simple observation that discerns the mind’s interpretations about us and the world, from what really is.

The dialogues and encounters presented within the book demonstrate how to live out of the love that we are in every state or condition – painful and difficult, beautiful and joyful, intricate and simple, ordinary and exceptional.   

Throughout the numerous coaching sessions gathered in this book, you will also be able to identify very persistent thoughts and beliefs that many of us hold on to, and then know beyond a doubt that they are an illusion created by man and that you are not them but something else, magnificent and eternal, a living energy.

The Art of WHAT REALLY IS Coaching

Love, wisdom, simplicity and beauty are our nature, who we truly are. Yet, for so long, and so persistently, we have gotten used to overseeing, disbelieving, and denying them.

Why is it like this? And how can I live my true nature?

This book is all about this, about truly living, and allowing the absolute love that is our nature, to be a driving and revealing force, in actual life.

‘Like Breathing’ teaches the art of WHAT REALLY IS COACHING – this listening to the source of life’s natural motion and wisdom, which is mysterious and ungraspable, yet very present and real. 


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