Lost Boys Tribe

This blog is dedicated to us, the spiritual members who sought a purer touch in this life. We have learned at the feet of masters, been to ashrams and did everything we can to bring better possibilities to the world. But as we landed back in “ordinary” life, we found ourselves lost and angry, feeling alienated from our loved ones, ourselves and the spirit to which we were drawn to in the first place.

So what do we do from here? And why does it happen again and again?

In this blog you are invited to a communal writing – a dance of discovery and observation; you write the main piece straight from your heartbeat, send it to me, and together we observe and write The Confusion and The Gate that are born from it. In co-writing we will look at and identify the masking and separation that are created when we confuse our ideas of who we are with who we truly are. Only when we can let go of the images of who we are, beautiful as they may be, can we express the beauty, love, wisdom and wonderful change we have asked for in our everyday life.


My name is Chen (Avani) Ilan, a retired member of the tribe 🙂, one with all of you and one by myself. I am well aware of the beauty and wisdom that we all have, along with the pain and drama that come from the sense of separation and lack of understanding when facing a world that seems to condemn us. I also know this is not true, I know we are a vital part of this whole ‘symphony’ and we must share what we have learned and allow our special light to shine.

I did not notice

I did not notice I did not notice. Really. I do not know how but I did not notice the  loneliness. They seem to me so powerful, so beautiful in the deepest sense of the

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Life I can continue living  like this forever  ,seemingly free, flirtatious, strong.. I can travel wherever I want and when and with whom.  I can go on crazy adventures around the world at any moment,

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He is in and out

He is in and out He is in and out, touched and untouched, does a lot, sweeps many after him and then disappears, closes, and cuts off from the world. He is very charismatic, says

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Morning I woke up determined this morning, with a decision that today I will not waste the day away and that I will do all the millions of things I want to do and create.

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The Broken Dream

The Broken Dream I never dreamed it like that – a man, a woman, a child and a dog. My soul is longing for travelling and settling at the same time, for routine and adventure

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