Reading news in the eyes of What Really Is:

When I read news that provokes me, I can very quickly go and speak about how “these” people are dangerous, or at least confused. “They get it all wrong!”, “How can someone think like that and behave like that??” This is what we do many times when we see or hear things that disturb us, and we wish they would be different. 

But how do I know that I am not speaking from my own confusion? That my desire for a better, equal, safe and free world – is not by itself an idea that makes me see other people as enemies?

If we are all one, and everything is a mirror, what does that mean?

It means that I hold some ideas and opinions, that are exactly like the ones I really do not want others to have: Ideas stating that there are dangerous things, harmful people , inferior to me ,less aware /  less enlightened /  les sensitive, and their  presence impairs my land, my loved ones, our lives and I’m better off without them.

It’s actually not that different at all than what they say about me and those who think like me.

But how else can I think? The ideas of these people contradict everything I believe in and everything that seems natural and human to me. Do they also see me, and other social groups the same way? How can they?

So how can we meet, after all?

How can we nonetheless see that we are all One? Because that’s how it is, that’s who we are.

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