Oh Men - A Book of Hope

This book tenderly asks what is it that we don’t see, or don’t want to see? 

It looks carefully on what we got used to thinking about ourselves, about men and about relationships. It invites us to gently take the blindfold off our eyes, to release the grip on our inherited habits and patterns, and see. Maybe it is a calling to give up. Not giving up on men, but giving up our expectations and wishes regarding them. To let this persistent image fade, to allow the fear of letting go to rest and drop the need to know how it “should be” for us – men and women. Only then – a true encounter can occur.  


What is written in this book isn’t final. There are no conclusions. Life is motion and so are we. but it is a clear call for women to lead. It emerges from life itself and the spirit of our time. But in order to lead – we need to wake up, the sooner the better. We’ve washed enough blood out of clothes and streets in a reality created by men. If an indignant voice rises in you now saying – “not all men are like that!” that is true and we’ll be discussing  this too in the book. We write out of great love for men and women, we write out of personal experience as well as many coaching sessions with wonderful people who wish to see anew. This book is an ongoing inquiring lab. It will continue to be written here on the website as we go, day by day, by all of us, in every part of this planet, living and breathing. Amen. 

I wish to love men again. Truly. To be close to them and ask for their company. To be joyful with them, and thankful for them. To admire their perspective and understand where they are coming from; why this encounter is happening the way it is happening now and how it happened in the past. 


For so long we’ve been trying to shape a man to be the way we wish him to be. And when he is not, we forbear, we understand, we adjust ourselves to accommodate to the situation, we blur the pain and insult. And sometimes we don’t. Then we get angry, demanding, rebellious and desperate – we call him to wake up, to come, to approach, to open up, truly, as we do! And sometimes he comes, because you asked, because he loves you, and he doesn’t want to fight, and often he doesn’t really get what you’re asking, what you want.   Sometimes he gets tired of this, of you, of your demands, of your pain, and sometimes he breaks down or snaps. 


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