Oh Men - A Book of Hope

This book is written for women. It is written for women who are getting hit on a glass wall, and do not understand why and how it happens. Women who for years received or gave themselves explanations that were supposed to soothe their minds, but they didn’t.


So the question we ask in this book is – women, what will happen if we despair? Sometimes we will despair of men, sometimes we will despair of not hurting while being with them, we will despair of thinking that they will really give themselves over, that they will not disappear or hate or blame or resent. What if we sometimes despair of our expectation that they will be different? Or that they will just be more like women…? What if we see them really, with everything they are, and everything they are not?


We may see then, that this is the portal to a new stage of evolution, in which we will cease to live the separated, dominating and exploitative illusion we mistakenly call “our nature,” just because at some point in time, women have been silenced and men, in a way, were left alone, responsible and in charge of leading. 


It is important to say this, so that men will have the opportunity and space to rediscover themselves. Also, because only when women will agree to acknowledge that it is so, will they be able to truly lead. To lead means here – to simply share what they see, to set the rules of the game, to know that they are an authority of wisdom and they are committed to do good to all, and then executing all of these in practice. Truly. 


Perhaps then, men too will have the freedom to take off the “captain’s hat” and breathe and inhale the fresh atmosphere women have created for themselves and for everyone.


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