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Men, Women & Gender inquiry - Live Series

‘The truth is something that passes you by, and as you turn your head to look, that thing is already gone’  


Italo Calvino (Italian writer and journalist)


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Trans Magical Realism - with Ivan Kirchgaesser

What is gender and what does it mean?
What is the place of definitions?
If definitions are reality but not the truth – how will a person who really knows that live?
What will be revealed to a person who knew they were neither this nor that?
How will it work? What will they look for? What is a relationship for them? And what is self-expression, in general?
A series of live sessions which seeks to see the reality of men and women and what is happening between them, and asks – if we stop arguing with things as they are, what reality will become possible?
about Ivan:
Ivan Kirchgaesser is a nonbinary transgender writer, researcher, and performer based in Berlin, Germany. In 2020 he received a PhD from Oxford Brookes University for his self-experiment in social sculpture. Living life as art is an interest he has been following for many years. Hence, his research takes place anytime and anywhere – from kitchen tables and drag shows to academic conferences and gardens. How can we conceive of our creative possibilities as well as our limitations? How does learning from life happen? In what ways does transformation and change manifest in our everyday realities? And what makes life worth living?

Our mind seeks certainty, but what if the mind that interprets and guards is our prison cell?

What is gender and what does it mean?
What is the place of definitions?

Women Leadership
What can I see and what do I know when I let go of expecting the other to change?

Oh Men" - Live Series"

So much pain is entangled in the bond between men and women, along side so much beauty. In fact, it seems like this bond stirs us up like no other.


In the past two years we’ve been exploring the realm of men and women while writing our feelings, questions and insights in a book called ״Oh Men״. Here in these LIVE sessions we are sharing what we are seeing. 


This inquiry spouted from Ruthi after years of being a person, a women and a coach. At a certain point, her heart said – it is time to ask, to share, to shake the boat and see what we see.


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Oh Men – 6th session – The Lab

Oh Men – 5th session – Women’s Illusions

Oh Men – 4th session – The FM frequency


Oh Men – 3rd session – Living in the realm of AM

Oh Men – 2nd session – FM.AM – Living as an attempt to control or as an experience

Oh Men – 1st session – FM.AM – Is there a fundamental difference between men and women?


:More on the website


News – in the eyes of What Really Is What Really Is, is not an opinion or idea, neither a method nor an approach. It

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