Recommendation – How to read the words in the New Dictionary:

A word is a vessel through which essence, energy passes. The word is never the thing itself.

What is the real “thing”? It is good to answer this question in silence.

Therefore the invitation to this dictionary is “tricky”; it seems like it tries to replace one “definition” with another “definition” but it does not. This dictionary is an opportunity to look at a word from a different perspective than we are used to. And ask what is the essence of this word, coming from the mystery? From nature? From the inconceivable knowing that everything is one, everything is motion and I am a part of it? 
From here you will find that the new “definition” sometimes sounds poetic or even irritating to the mind, because it cannot understand it. It’s OK. Let the words be a tool and listen to the energy that passes through them. That’s exactly what we came here to do.

Coming out of the knowing that everything is connected and everything is in motion:


Every moment reveals the next. The motion of life is constantly emerging in infinite ways. Every thought creates movement and energy in the world and I give it shape and expression. What was once “uncertainty” is now a deep inner knowing that I am a constant wellspring of life and energy – by virtue of just being. 


The reality created:  When I understand that there is no such thing as “being stuck”, even when I don’t know my direction, because the next movement will always reveal itself, I live in simplicity and freedom. I become secure in the knowledge that every moment something new will emerge, that things are constantly in motion and that I don’t need to grasp onto a specific direction as though it is significant, because every step I take is filled with significance and perfection. I don’t need to choose a specific path just to prevent myself from feeling pain. I see that everything which begins or ends in my life allows new movement to occur. 


“If you can risk losing your way during the day, you might be able to connect with your depths.”

According to the old way of thinking: 


I live my life thinking that the world is complicated, uncertain, scary and dangerous. I therefore need to know how to live within this scary reality and how I can face whatever challenges arise.  I need to know where I’m headed. I need to have direction and a clear purpose. 


According to this, having a “path” allows me a sense of certainty and security. It gives me a sense of purpose. It is an integral part of my identity. 


The reality created:  If (and when) I don’t know my path or my direction in life is not clear, I believe that I am incapable of fulfilling myself. I believe that I will not progress or achieve. I believe that I will forever feel stuck and lacking. 


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