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What is the relation between science and spirituality?
Science is a way to not only describe but to praise the ultimate. 
A new motion of scientific research, that knows the unity and the interconnectedness of all things is emerging in our times. 

In this blog we celebrate the different languages and expressions of the beauty of the one.

A new look at change – a feedback loop of information

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash A new look at Change Or: a feedback loop of information What happens when I’m asking for a change, and it doesn’t happen? How to accept it, when I

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Nothing does not exist

Nothing does not exist Or: what exists beyond the thoughts? There is a reality outside the mind. For sure there is. In fact, that’s where Truth lives. Life itself. The beauty and the emerging mystery.

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News – in the eyes of What Really Is What Really Is, is not an opinion or idea, neither a method nor an approach. It

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Art is the thing itself. It is the Nature of all things. From it everything emerges and to it everything returns. In Art, one can

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