Teens pretending to be Holocaust victims on TikTok

From the original source: A new TikTok viral trend, which is being labelled as 'trauma porn', has video creators pretending to be Holocaust victims. (Note: this article has been removed from the original news site it was published on)

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

Our soul keeps calling to remind us that we are all connected, also beyond time and space. You can call it soul, biology or quantum physics, the point is – that when the soul expresses its voice, you can’t stop it. It’s like vomiting. The vomit doesn’t care if you’re on the street or at the toilet just as the soul doesn’t care if you’re on Tik-Tok or on a memorial ceremony. So if you’re 16 and you feel sexual and feminine you’ll become a woman who sleeps with Nazis to survive and if you’re an 8 year old introvert you’ll become a kid hiding in an attic or a bin. 

Our intuitive wish to BE someone else emerges straight from our deep knowing that our “self” is a flexible thing, not to say an illusion. A deep knowing that in different circumstances I could have been someone else. This is something that our conscious “self” can only deal with through art and creativity because this is the language of the soul. So instead of getting angry and debating if it’s “appropriate” or “disrespectful” I prefer to see it as a blessing and ask for more. Art is a direct expression of intuitive wisdom springing itself out of you. Tik-Tok or MOMA.

Now I ask the Tik Tok artists: If you can be a holocaust victim can you also be a Nazi soldier? A homeless person on the train? A Syrian refugee? A business man who benefits from child labour? An old person during Covid time? A butcher in a slaughterhouse? A cow in a slaughterhouse?

What would human encounters look like if we’d actually remember that everyone and everything exists in us at all times ? What would court houses look like? Prisons? Schools? Negotiation tables between leaders? Facebook? Slaughterhouses?


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