Trump's helicopter 'walk of shame' widely mocked online following Tulsa rally

From the original source: President Donald Trump was caught on camera looking “deflated” on his way back from his disappointing first campaign rally in three months since the outbreak of coronavirus on Saturday, and the Internet noticed. The rally, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, proved to have a disappointing turnout with just over 6,000 people turning up to the event at the 19,000 capacity BOK arena.

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

It was a long, sad walk. It was sad for any man who can feel for another man. Who can feel what they are going through, what is going on in their head. It was a walk of a beaten man. Defeated. Humiliated. But in which war? And how can someone beat the president of the United States to this degree? 

When we believe we are a character, an idea, a thing – we create a friction with the world. That is what happens to Trump. Big time. Right at this moment, when I become a “thing”, I become separated and the world divides into two – for me and against me. Against me is the dangerous part which doesn’t fit my needs and can fulfil my fears. At the same time, I become dependent on the For me part which satisfies my needs and promises my fears won’t come true. That’s what happens when we forget we are a part of one big mysterious motion. We see ourselves as an incomplete being, the world becomes complicated, complex and dangerous and we’re banging on imaginary walls looking for a way out. Pain and despair are only a matter of time and fear becomes the main voice in our daily lives. 

But the exact opposite occurs when we know that we are beauty, wisdom and love just by being, and we trust this nature of ours to guide the way. it doesn’t mean we won’t get scared or hurt, angry or insulted but we will know it is like that now. Because life is motion and every moment is new. The constant pain is not because life is pain, but because we hold on to thoughts which tell a certain story about me and the world and our relationship. 

The world and I are one. Complete. No sides.  The fear doesn’t rise because something happened or didn’t happen, but because I want it to happen or thought it should happen in a certain way. And it didn’t. The fear rises because there’s a thought there. Telling me it is dangerous and something bad might happen to me as a result. 

Our nature, which is oneness and love, wasn’t created by us and cannot be destroyed or cancelled by us. it is there. Always. But we deny it. Ignore it. Tell a different story about it, hold on tight to the story and bang our head on an imaginary wall. As well as the president of the United State.

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