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Note for the reader –

In this post we share two ways to look at the article and the topic in question. These ways are not “either / or” but they complement each other. Both sides of the ∞ (infinity).


Giving myself the “permission” to let all the voices that are speaking within me, to speak, without clinging to any of them – this allows me to be in the tension that is between them, and from there, to let the current moment lead me. Thank you & enjoy your reading.

On the other hand…

Maybe it’s enough with “equality” in the name of equality? Definitely everyone deserves an equal opportunity to take responsibility and lead the way but *can anyone* take responsibility and lead? And what does “responsibility” mean for him and how does it affect me, as his neighbor or as his partner in this world?


Do I want to give the reins of my life to people who believe that a woman is property, for example? Or that lying is a legitimate way to get what you want? Or that hitting another person because of his opinions is a responsible act?


If I am not politically correct, then I want to ask: what are the values which are in the head and heart of the culture of the population that is growing and seeking equality in leading positions in the society in which I live?


It is important to note that this is not the skin color or DNA of a person, but the culture and education on which he grew up. What is “the bottom line” upon which he makes decisions? What about his ability to stop, observe, feel, listen, learn from the other and ask to see something new – first of all about himself.


A coachee of mine was angry that his wife was hired for a job and not him. He claimed it was because of social discrimination. “Who would you choose if you had to choose, you or her?” I asked him.

“Obviously her…” he answered.


What if we agree to honestly say what we see, that there are communities and cultures that power, language that commands and oppresses, cursing, blantness and rudeness, wanting to destroy the other,  are deeply rooted in them ,and conduct their living environment regardless of oppression or external discrimination.


Does that mean it’s what they are? That it’s their nature? That they are bad people or God forbid inferior? Definitely absolutely not. And who can even say such a thing about someone? But does that mean they produce pain, suffering, violence and friction that make it very difficult for creativity and simplicity and love to take place, let alone thrive? Yes.


So I do want to ask myself – what would it look like, if they were the majority? If they hold the reins and run things? What kind of a reality will it be? a


Having already used his prime-time show to promote the racist “replacement” theory, Carlson on Thursday night stoked fears of “antiwhite mania” and mocked the chairman of the Joint Chiefs for defending the study of systemic racism.

On one hand…

Agreeing to agree that we are mortal is probably the thorn and flower of being human. Our relationship with death, which is our relationship with life – is the main influence on our relationship with each other.


What if I agreed to tell myself that my time on this planet is very temporary. And perhaps so is the time of my people. No culture lives forever and the written and certainly unwritten history is full of stories, heroes, languages ​​and wisdoms that existed and were forgotten. Is this not nature’s way?


If I would  agree to feel serene  with the fact, that I will disappear, and my children will disappear. My clothes, diaries, words, belongings, wisdom, beauty, loved ones, will disappear. How would that affect my life?


Now a voice is rising in me that rebukes – “you are a spiritual hippie. If someone would come to kill you, would you not rise up to kill him?”


I’m taking my time with answering this. Maybe I would rise up to kill him. But does the fact that another community is multiplying in my neighborhood mean that it comes to kill me?

And let’s say this community has no intention of killing me, but it is slowly taking over; setting rules and restrictions, charging tax from my income and sharing a large space of my living space. When does it get to the point where I put my foot down and say “no more”. And from here – defend, attack, surrender, accept or leave. 

That’s nature’s way too, isn’t it?


But maybe it’s time to stop saying “nature’s way” every time it’s convenient for us??


After all, we are not like the other animals and plants. We are. And we are not. We have the ability to see ourselves outside of ourselves. That is, outside of our thoughts and habits. So what happens if I ‘challenge’ what I call ‘my nature’ and linger a bit longer before I put my foot down? Staying unbalanced, and agreeing to be afraid of being extinct, agreeing to be afraid to die. Because that might be the outcome of me not putting my foot down. It might. 


What if I agreed to give up everything I thought I had and everything I thought I am – but not from a “weak” place but from a place that looks straight into the eyes of the one who calls himself “the other side”.

I will look him in the eye and ask him if there really is no other way? Is it really “you or me” and there is no room for both of us? I will ask if he can imagine a connection that will bring a blessing, that will reveal something new within him and within me and within everyone around us? I’ll ask him if he wants to. I will ask myself if I want to. Or at least willing to try?


But it seems to me that in order to really do that, I really have to agree, to be peaceful with the option that this might be the end of me. 


So when we see that there is a gap, the leading person comes and says – “let us teach you and show you”. Now the person who lives under this leadership rises and says – “do not dare to teach me and tell me how I should be.”


Now what do we do?
What will the person who seeks to lead do, coming out of knowing that we are all one and connected and yet very different? How do you encounter and lead a person or community which has no wish to be led but quite the opposite? Their desire is to remain as they are and it does not matter to them at all whether suffering and pain is caused to their neighbors or even to their own community. Girls and women of their community.. mostly.
What will we do then? Let it be? Respect everyone’s culture? Should any man just live in his faith? And die? And kill?


The only thing a person can and must do is adopt a spiritual life. Meaning – to know that we are not a figure or a form but a miracle, a mystery that is revealed to itself. At the same time acknowledging that we are not our needs and fears. They’re just something we have. And sometimes they even disappear. They are not what we are and certainly not all that we are.


This awakening is done by humans. We do this to each other yet it is a personal journey of each one of us, with his nature, with his God. Sometimes we will make this journey alone and sometimes in a community, sometimes in an empowering and supportive environment and sometimes we will learn the truth precisely because we will be the ones to hear it, in a confused and lost environment.


What will a leader do and what is the role of leaders these days, when so many people have never heard of the possibility of a spiritual life, or for whom the spirit is a beautiful yet distant idea. And meanwhile they have ״to look after one’s own interests״ because that is what a responsible person does in a “dog-eat-dog” world.


But what if Earth is ripe for a change, and what if humanity is ready? What is the responsible thing to do, when my feet are planted in the recognition that love is the most powerful force in the universe and at the same time, I know that my partner does not necessarily know it?


When I speak truth and speak love, it is recorded in the Chronicles. What happens next is beyond my comprehension. But every time this person, who spoke and said and acknowledged, even if later he was crucified or tortured or he himself turned around and forgot – maybe it doesn’t matter. What was said – has already found a place in the world. And from here, we will live and learn. A big step for man and a baby step for humanity.

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