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TV Shows Are Using Mannequins While Filming During the Pandemic, Including Sex Scenes

From the original source: As the coronavirus further spreads and many people continue to stay indoors, governments around the world have found it necessary to issue guidelines for one of the few things people can do at home: sex.

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

What if everytime we come across a change, we’ll say: now it is like that. and then we’ll stay quiet. You can’t kiss on set. Now it is like that. Silence. And another moment of silence. 

And then we’ll ask: what’s really important to us? It’s important to keep going with the shooting. To keep in touch with the audience, to make them happy. To keep paying salaries to our staff, to take care of them. To keep on telling the story we wish to tell, to share, to express. To keep going because life keeps going just not as we wanted or thought, because there’s a pandemic now. That’s how it is now. So how do I go about it? 

When I enter an unfamiliar realm my eyes will be wide open because I want to see as much as possible. My feet will root themselves on the ground because I don’t want to fall and my heart will beat hard because I’m excited. Because I’m alive. Because I’m awake and one with what is happening. Because I’m not focusing on controlling the situation but on being wise, kind, responsible, loving. Immediately I’ll smile, because my nature is to be like that; one with what is happening. How can I even not be? life is never against me, it’s a game and I’m a participant, and when I’m all in, everything is real. And when I’m coming out of love, I’m intimate with everything. Also mannequins. No problem at all. 


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