What if the wise thing is to know when it's enough

Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer


Blog inspired by the lecture: Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

What if the wise thing is to know when it’s enough
And what if love is for people and not for lands, for beauty and wisdom and not for property and identities
What if heroism, is to say what no one wants to hear
And commitment is not to the result we saw in a particular moment but is to a life full and prosperous.


What if a state is a temporary arrangement, designed to allow its citizens to thrive, love and develop
And what if a nation is a group of people, which can see themselves in a special light but not separated from the One
What if war is the result of a thought, which says that it is impossible to love and to create a path for love
And what if tanks and planes that kill, shred to pieces and destroy are the prison that is created by the same thought, which argues that there is no choice and that we have reached the edge.


What if attachment is fear
And what if an inseparable-connection-to-a-land is idolatry
What if sending people to war is to use them
What if dying for a country is not our nature
And what if we agree to see, that the pillar of fire has risen
And sometimes it’s time to move.


And what if leaders knew that
Such as we have created in our wisdom
Ones that are suitable for the 21st century.

Theme Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

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