הקדמה כלשהי אודות…

אומנות היא הדבר עצמו.
היא טבעם של הדברים. משם הכל נובע ולשם הכל חוזר.
שם אדם פוגש את עצמו באמת.

What Really Is - About us

Many wonderful and generous people have taken part in the motion and creation of WHAT REALLY IS - thank you Dana Nitzani for the logo, Noa Yemini for the partnership in writing the New Dictionary, Hilla Ben Binyamin for designing the PDF book version, Liam Brakspear for translations. May we continue with the joy of joint creation


Ruth Bar-Shalev

Ruth has been coaching for the past 30 years and was one of the pioneers of coaching in Israel. She has led projects and breakthrough social processes, in Israel and the world. She has coached thousands of people, businesses and state institutions as well as training dozens of coaches.

In the past 18 years, through her personal and professional journey, she has recognized that in each one lies a beautiful and strong spirit, that if we just touch upon it, it will allow us to simply live our true nature – a unique, emerging, vital energy, which is ungraspable but always present.

Along with this spirit, there is the dimension of thought, which is run by the mind. The mind cannot grasp the world for what it is – beauty, wisdom and absolute love. It captures the world through friction, prices, effort and pain, and these are also its results. The ability to discern between our spirit and our mind makes us awakened people. From this seeing, and the deep knowing that there is another way of living, the coaching and WHAT REALLY IS were born.

In the past 2 years, Ruthi is writing books that bring forth this seeing and the beauty that this journey has brought into her life and to many others.
The first book – “WHAT REALLY IS”, brings the knowledge as it is, the nature of things and discerns between the motion of thoughts and beliefs, and the wisdom of the mystery.
The second book “LIKE BREATHING” meets life from the knowledge discussed in the first book, and concentrates on applying it in everyday life, in relationships and creativity.
The third book “OH MEN” touches upon new understandings that women are currently encouraged to adopt, in order to create a new and blessed place, for men and women to live in.

Ruth is a mother of 4, and a grandmother to 2 grandchildren.

Noa Golan

Noa is intrigued by the mystery of all things and the connection between them. She has been exploring this realm since childhood via acting, writing, theater, films, therapy and in the last years through WHAT REALLY IS coaching. Out of this curiosity and passion she developed The Intuitive Story – a time-travel role-playing game which inquires about how people and knowledge are connected beyond time, space and identity. 

She has been coaching with Ruthi since 2016 and after 2 years became a coach too. In the last 2 years she joined as a partner in writing the books and managing the diverse projects, such as opening a mens’ coaching group and building the website What Really Is.

She currently lives in Berlin and works as a karaoke hostess at the legendary Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke club. There, she celebrates the magic that is expressed through microphones and stages, spotlights and disco balls as people dare to expose themselves and meet in a rejuvenating space. 

In the upcoming future, Noa will execute a theater play based on the The Intuitive Story.

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Smadar Noga Waisman

Being fascinated with energy, Smadar has studied its expression in and through organised formations, through physics, geometry, music and the awakening human consciousness.

For more than 15 years, she has met and accompanied people in different stages along their conscious evolutionary path, through healing and shamanic work, and recently in coaching.

She is a vocal healer and artist, and teaches the ancient shamanic wisdom of Light Language

Smadar started her coaching path in 2018, in a very significant moment in her life, just a few weeks before the birth of her daughter. Several months later, she joined the coaching training.

“I deeply love coaching, it gathers inherent wisdom with an elated inner knowing, into simple, day-to-day moments. That every experience and occurrence are gateways for true introspection, and a remembrance of who we truly are.  

Coaching allows the projection of our consciousness, which manifests in and as our life, to be present and clear. The oneness, from which the light, through all its vibrations, forms, and colours, emerges.”

Smadar lives in Portugal with her partner and their sweet and gorgeous 2 year old girl. She coaches and teaches online, and these days is bringing to life “Earth Mantras”, a musical project of remembrance and of freeing our natural vocal expression.

Judith Pasternak

For the past 20 years, she has been coaching, been coached by others, and accompanying people in their personal spiritual journey, from a full recognition of the vital energy that is inherent to us. This is an energy that allows breakthroughs in places we usually don’t even dream are possible for us. 

I know we have the vitality and senses that are required to step out of the circles of fear and cruelty, and to guide to circles of joy and love.”

Through 35 years in the Isreali education system, she has been the principal of 3 schools, among them a Jewish-Arab school in Jaffa. In the course of her actions for personal empowerment, she got exposed to issues of gender, relationship and personal communication, and found them as wonderful fields for observation, learning and revival. Together with Ruth Bar-Shalev, she initiated and directed large scale initiatives that have led many people to a new seeing of themselves and those around them. In addition, she took part in building websites and writing books. 

Judith has an M.A in Educational Administration, B.A in Management from Tel-Aviv University, and from Gordon College. She is an NLP Master and is engaged in writing, painting & photography. A mother to 2 children and 3 grandchildren. 


Shira Jacobson - translator, editor, writer

Shira is responsible for all of the translations on the website. She views translation as an opportunity for connecting to the essence of words and feels privileged to help others connect to it as well.

In addition to her work in translation, editing and writing, Shira is also a certified mediator and provides support to women during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Shira lives in Pardes Hanna and is the mother of three sweet and amazing children

Chen (Avani) Ilan

Physiotherapist and Hydro therapist for over 16 years, writer of “the lost boys tribe”, a coach, and an entrepreneur in health and well being.

Chen lives in Israel after years of traveling and learning around the world. 

For the last 8 year coaching has been her main work, she has expressed it in various ways, either in body work or in proper coaching sessions.

“For me seeking for the real natural beauty that is in each one of us and making it shine, is the basic principle and I like to explore and search for it in dark and difficult situations in life, through these I find it can illuminate the must

I look for simple human contact, the one that was there before our mind invented separation, true unity can bring true healing and a great light to body and soul. I wish humbly to touch what really is and bring the stories we tell ourselves closer to it.”


Yasmin Farber

as a movment researcher yasmin has always been curious towards the connection between the movement of the body and the knowledge of the spirit. As a student, a teacher, an artist, and as a therapist, this curiosity took her on journeys around the globe in which she deepened and enhanced the relations with the body and the vivid study of the development of consciousness.

For the past 6 years she has been training with Ruthie and learning to navigate in the realmes of the knowledge, thrue the encounters with what really is. 

As a student of Ilan Lev, as a senior teacher of Vijnana Yoga, after a career as a professional dancer and through acquaintance and learning of a variety of techniques for holistic healing and body rehabilitation, she collected a rich toolbox and created the space of the “movement of the heart”

A home of health through the wisdom of the spirit and healing work of body/movement therapy

She teaches and shares the knowledge through meetings of healing, awakening to our true nature in connection with the body and the simplicity of this moment. and continues to explore the ways leading to a direct encounter with the source and the fountain of our lives every day.


Hilla Sachish

Hilla Sachish is a teacher of yoga philosophy in the tradition of non dual reality in different spiritual centres across Israel.

In the last few years she has been working with people individually to facilitate and awaken the awareness of one’s own nature as a free and complete being.

Hilla is a yoga master as well as a dancer and artist. She unites these and many other human experiences into one search. One being.

She lived in India for long periods and there for the first time encountered the teaching of sri Ramana Maharshi – the Advaita Vedanta *(non-dual)* philosophy and teaching.

After returning to Israel she continued her practice in meditation, movement research and studying.

Hilla is a devotee and friend of Swami atmabodhananda Saraswati and a devotee and friend of Ruth bar Shalev.

She is a mother, being a foster mother to a one year old baby who has made her a mother.

I stand still, very present and observe what is around me.

Silence and happenings at the same time. An action leads to an action. Happening to happening. Moment to moment. 

All is very alive in infinite motion and the silence is imbued with life. Everything that lives and everything that is, are expressions of the whole, of one continuous, present being.

הילה סחיש