Disclaimer and Waiver


We are happy that you are here with us. 

Making a choice to be with – What Really Is – is saying Yes to what we are called to see and create in these special times in which we live. 

Much is being ended nowadays and letting it really be terminated within us is an action of love and trust in life.

What Really Is engages in acknowledging the difference between the false perceptions made by thoughts that we’ve grown to believe constitute what we are and what the world is – and – what our true nature is, what we really are.

This realization may be deeply moving and bring about a feeling of absolute love, a sense of belonging and oneness, but it may also create pain, a sensation of loss and sometimes fear. These experiences are natural and essential to awakening. 

That is also why our sessions, workshops, series and events encourage an honest and sometimes bold inquiry of ourselves and of life. 

To keep this joint inquiry respectful, dignified and ethical you will be asked to sign a waiver that explains the nature of our work. We thank you for your understanding. 

By signing the waiver you agree to the following:

  • That you are at least 18 years old and have voluntarily decided to book or participate in a What Really Is activity.
  • That you understand that we the What Really Is crew, promise and commit to serve you with love and dignity coming from the knowledge which is presented in the book What Really Is. Our work is an invitation for a joint inquiry; it is a mutual inner wish to get closer to our true nature and to the nature of life itself. We (the What Really Is’ crew) are the providers of a space of observation and knowledge, in which participants can do their own work. We cannot guarantee any particular result. 
  • That you understand that through this work you may undergo experiences that you may consider unpleasant or emotionally difficult. That you realize that when you wish to transform and awaken, you accept and you are responsible for, all ranges of feelings, thoughts and experiences.
  • That you understand that any kind of work with What Really Is is not a therapy and is in no way a substitute for professional medical physical or mental health treatment. What Really Is has the right to decline working with those whom we feel this work will not serve. 
  • That you understand that our private and closed groups sessions are confidential and that neither you nor What Really Is will publish any part of the session. Please note that Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Dropbox, email, texts, and other digital platforms may not be completely confidential and the use of these platforms does entail certain risks. We have no control over them and you might wish to consider if and how to make use of them.
  • That you accept that webinars and other workshops open to the public will be recorded in audio and video and uploaded to the What Really Is website for the use of whoever wishes to learn. 

And now in legal language: 

That by engaging with WHAT REALLY IS, you assume all risks associated with contacting the coaches. 

That by engaging with the content of the What Really Is book and website and/or booking any activity or session with WHAT REALLY IS  you agree that you or anyone associated with you release WHAT REALLY IS, RUTH BAR SHALEV and NOA GOLAN, and any coach working on behalf of WHAT REALLY IS or anyone associated with our business, from all direct or indirect claims against us as a result of any session, workshop, webinar or any other service that you received from us.

That you agree that WHAT REALLY IS shall not, in any event, be liable for any actions taken on the part of the participant during or after the use of this service.

That you waive any and  all claims, demands, compensation, actions, that you currently may or may in the future, have against WHAT REALLY IS, RUTH BAR SHALEV and NOA GOLAN, and any coach working on behalf of WHAT REALLY IS or anyone associated with us or any other participant in the services given currently or hereafter for any loss, damage, expense or any injuries perceived or real that you or anyone associated with you, may suffer or believe you have suffered because of, or during, your participation in one of the programs or services with WHAT REALLY IS.  

That you understand and agree that in the event that you, or anyone associated with you, bring a claim for damages against WHAT REALLY IS or RUTH BAR SHALEV or NOA GOLAN or any coach working on behalf of WHAT REALLY IS or any person associated with WHAT REALLY IS or any other participant in the services given currently or hereafter as a result of any workshop, webinar, coaching session or any other activity given by us, that you shall indemnify and hold harmless WHAT REALLY IS,  RUTH BAR SHALEV, NOA GOLAN, any of our staff and all persons associated with WHAT REALLY IS or any other participant in the services given currently or hereafter from any and all claims, actions, and or damages, legal and otherwise, including the cost and expense of, and including reasonable attorney fees associated with, defending such actions and claims. 

That you understand and agree that the WHAT REALLY IS staff, may have a duty to report crimes, abuse, or intent to harm another. In addition, if the coach doesn’t need to report by law, yet feels out of their own consciousness they wish to do so, they can. It is the participant’s responsibility to clarify this with the coach, if the participant deems this an issue for them when they call. The participant can remain anonymous and if they share anything illegal we as coaches may still be required to report them. Each individual participant is fully responsible for all interactions that take place between the coach and the participant. WHAT REALLY IS, is not responsible for, nor does it endorse, any interaction between the two parties and assumes no liability for or related to those interactions.

That you agree that you engage in this service of your choosing at your own risk.