Friday Morning Live

Each Friday morning, on last day of the week, we will meet on our Facebook Page to talk about life and whatever comes and calls from it, when we observe through the eyes of what really is. 

We will untie the laces of our opinions and remove them, the same way we take off our shoes when we enter a home.


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:Previous Sessions

Tree of Life – with Mordechai Bar Or


Good People

Living as a Fixed Idea

Mutual Responsibility 


Silence of Women

Escapism & Love

Special – Easter




Getting to know Ruthi 

Responsibility – with Marcel Juliet Saul Sheiman


Fear & Anxiety 


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News – in the eyes of What Really Is What Really Is, is not an opinion or idea, neither a method nor an approach. It

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Art is the thing itself. It is the Nature of all things. From it everything emerges and to it everything returns. In Art, one can

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