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Lies and conspiracies are a cancer on the party

Mitch McConnell Says Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Loony Lies’ Are a ‘Cancer’ on GOP

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

Leadership is not the ability to make people follow you nor  give them what you think is best for them, or, based upon how we got used to see and understand ourselves.

Books about Leadership are trying to analyze, understand and guide leaders from this perspective, analyzing and assuming and therefore create confusion. Later on, leaders read these books, take their advice, ignore the people they are here to serve and fail. 

In order  to make people follow you, all you need to do is sell them a piece of hope or scare them. The rest will come naturally. But this can also be done by a talented Reality-Show host who provides entertainment and misleads in order to draw the audiences’ admiration, yet never satisfied. 

This is not leadership but manipulative influence; pushing buttons to get results. This is a bottomless pit. Love, power, the human-spirit, beauty and ancient wisdom do not accrue from the ability to control and manipulate. They do not. 

Lie as a way-of-life or as a means-to-rule, turns everything to a sinkhole and every “is” that exists turns to an infinite “isn’t”. The lie is not only misleading but also deviously controls what the other person will know or see, and from there will make his choice, falsely believing it’s his free choise . 

By using lies as a way of life, the person in control empties the others from content, consent and anything of value and presence, and leaves them hanging on a thread, dependent on him, deeply disturbed and in a survival mode. Sometimes, they don’t even notice that this is their state. From here, the path to placing their lives in his hands and completely forgetting  their health, strength, natural wisdom and beauty – is short.

From here, the earth is barren, everyone’s hunger is growing, the sense of emergency is rising and fear is vibrating under everyone’s feet. Outbursts and strife are just a matter of time. You can call it a brain-wash and its purpose is not to implant messages but to empty in order to control and navigate according to the leaders’ desires. 

Fulfilling this vision of the misleading-leader creates a nightmare; like bodies floating in space with no aim or sense, like a herd with no autonomous  thoughts or an ability to self reflect, like a man trapped in a bad dream, passing from one moment to the next. 

What can happen from here?

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