Bülent Ersoy: The Remarkable Untold Story

The unfathomable life story of living Turkish legend Bülent Ersoy is barely utterable without placing this incredible individual in the chaotic epoch in which she blossomed.

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

When I talked about her, it was in admiration. I love people who know who they are, who see themselves as they really are and that even when it’s difficult, don’t lie to themselves.

Bülent Ersoy knew who she was when she was still banned, when she was accused of impersonating a woman, when she was threatened with imprisonment, when she spoke out against recruitment and going to war.  She spoke like a woman, who has had enough of the male-boasting about heroism and victories. She thinks of the children. She thinks of life.

She has shown herself in every way, celebrating her nature and her success. A story of love, courage and integrity. Even when she had to wear more modest clothes, in order to have her own TV-show, she did. This is how free people work. They are not superficial characters and are unpredictable. They are awake and dance their own special dance with life – not controlled by anyone and continuous in response to the truth.

And then I read about her being a gay hater, I have to say, I cannot even really understand what this means. How can one hate a person who lives his nature, who expresses his love, who listens to himself, who allows himself to be himself. As he is.

So what does it mean to hate gays? For what? But the riddle became much bigger especially because it came from Bülent Ersoy. The same woman who was born a man, the same female singer who sang in the voice of a male. The same woman and the same person with whom, what seems to others to be unusual and not possible or even dangerous, with her it sits so well, so complete.

So how come she hates gays?
What does she not want to know?
What does she not want to feel?
What is she afraid to be?
What truth is she running away from?
Where does her silence sit?
What does she say to herself at night?
Did Bülent Ersuy make the woman she is into a character  who saves her from the man she is?
Can she love the woman she is without loathing the man she is?
Isn’t her voice saying exactly that?

It made me think of the Brazilian illustrator Laerte. She is an already older transgender woman, who let the woman inside her come outside at a very late age. You can see how she moves  slowly. She has not yet undergone surgery and she is being photographed naked, naturally. You can see how her grandson calls her grandfather, and she does not object. When she talks about herself in the third person she says grandmother. She is present in the truth of where she is now, and from there she sees, from there she lives.

* A heartfelt thank you to Alon Yechezkel, director, spiritual man and loving person, a person of truth.

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