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What’s real, is not an opinion or idea, neither a method nor an approach. It doesn’t need anyone or depends on anything.

It is the expression of the nature of things, of how things are, when we’re not disturbing them.


In our meetings and sessions, we come to talk about life and whatever comes and calls from it, when we wish to observe through the eyes of what really is. 


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:From previous sessions

Trans Magical Realism - with Ivan Kirchgaesser

Knowing love in the most unexpected situations / Changing the script

Having Sex, Making Love & The Art of Staying

Oh Men - inquiry

Oh Men – 1st session – The best of – Short videos

Oh Men – The Lab – Life is not a movie

Oh Men – The Lab – standing on a new ground

Our illusions are real but not true

Practicing my inner space while knowing I’m a wonder

The self-illusion of “You must understand”

ing Process – to speak with no conclusions

AM.FM frequency – When I reach my edge, thats when it becomes interesting

AM.FM frequency – Acknowledging where I’m at brings so much blessing

Tree of Knowledge or Thinking from the Heart – in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Facing the conflict beyond the edge – living from the Tree of Life

Tree of life

Tree of Life & Tree of Knowledge – Rabbinical Students Letter to the Jewish community

Fixed Idea vs. Inspiring Idea

Living as a fixed idea

How do I recognize that I’m living as a Fixed Idea?

Not living as a Fixed Idea but being a True Participant

“Jews must have a country” – What is the price for living as a Fixed Idea?

The Israeli Palestinian conflict – Living as a fixed idea vs. Living from an empty space

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News – in the eyes of What Really Is What Really Is, is not an opinion or idea, neither a method nor an approach. It

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