Recommendation – How to read the words in the New Dictionary:

A word is a vessel through which essence, energy passes. The word is never the thing itself.

What is the real “thing”? It is good to answer this question in silence.

Therefore the invitation to this dictionary is “tricky”; it seems like it tries to replace one “definition” with another “definition” but it does not. This dictionary is an opportunity to look at a word from a different perspective than we are used to. And ask what is the essence of this word, coming from the mystery? From nature? From the inconceivable knowing that everything is one, everything is motion and I am a part of it? 
From here you will find that the new “definition” sometimes sounds poetic or even irritating to the mind, because it cannot understand it. It’s OK. Let the words be a tool and listen to the energy that passes through them. That’s exactly what we came here to do.

Coming out of the knowing that everything is connected and everything is in motion:


The thought: “I need… and cannot do without…”  occupies my entire field of vision. It pulsates inside of me with increasing intensity because I believe it and forget the truth – that I am a complete energy of life and nothing can stop that or detract from it, even if I wanted it to. I can’t be lacking nor do I need anything to make me full.


The reality created: When I live my life with this knowledge, I celebrate those very things that I used to be addicted to – because when I know that I don’t need them, I am free to celebrate them. I experience them, I explore them, I mix them into my life and feel rejuvenated by them rather than just consume them, use them and then torment myself with the notion that I am needy or problematic. 

“I must.”

We got used to:


Seeing Addiction is beyond my control. It’s something I think I need to have or do in order to fulfill a necessity or calm a fear. 

Addiction is a feeling of intense distress caused by the thought that something is not enough – either I am lacking and vulnerable and do not have the strength to deal with what reality brings me, or reality itself is uninteresting, destabilizing, and I want “more”. This story I have told myself of “need” is the only thing preventing me from sliding down a slippery slope into an abysmally grim life.


The reality created: Addiction becomes a problem that needs to be solved. I deal with the problem by implementing prohibitions, motives or conditions. It is rare to detox from addiction and it comes with side effects and a heavy price because I’m so sure that I need this thing to exist. 

An addicted person is weak, problematic, incomplete. 


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Friendship Recommendation – How to read the words in the New Dictionary: A word is a vessel through which essence, energy passes. The word is

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