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Jacinda Ardern says yes to life

From the original source: Jacinda Ardern flags four-day working week as way to rebuild New Zealand after Covid-19

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

“Everything is a life energy that enlivens and blesses everyone who approaches it.”

When there is a situation of economic crisis, emergency, worry and even caos, it is very easy to panic, very easy to walk the paths of fear and follow the outlines that the mind offers us. This is the essence of its work, it is trained for it, and it always has a plan for how to rescue us from a crisis or difficulty.

We are almost trained to rely on the mind as an authority for smart and efficient life management, and it knows how to offer us strategies of repair, minimization of damage and control. But every motion that comes from the mind comes from the starting point that the world is complicated, complex and dangerous, and therefore every (i.e., the very ) attempt to correct, and to establish order, only continues to complicate, creates more distance. In fact, things are what they are – they are  one, natural, and simple motion of life. If we do not interfere with it, we can allow the motion itself to create an order by a wisdom that only it can.

It is true that not everything is pleasant and beautiful. It is impossible to argue with the fact that there are realities that are very harsh and we would not choose to experience what they bring. But we have to go through what we have to go through. We cannot be anywhere else but with what is happening to us. That is what we are. And when we are here, if we look at it through the mind and accept its interpretation, we will probably be stressed, scared, worried, and believe that we must do something so that the situation does not deteriorate, or to try to get out of it. But there is another possibility, that we will just be with it. With the immense discomfort, with the pain of not being able to give my kids what they love and want. And we’ll just be with it. There, in this presence, in this listening, there is life. There is love. And from there, the life force itself can motivate me. Even without me planning. Even without waging a struggle against what is there. And every movement that comes out of it, brings blessing. Brings more. Presents and carries out vitality and love.

Jacina Ardern’s proposal comes from this place that knows that life must spout forth, be lived and give life. That’s their nature. The proposal to shorten working hours expresses confidence in the human fabric of life and is inspiring. It gives space, and does not dictate. Allows, and does not require. It is a beautiful, attentive and creative proposal, it’s as if it’s saying: life takes care of life. Let’s stop interrupting, and just say even a greater  yes to life.

And despite everything we are used to, this is true leadership.

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