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Neo Nazis Rising in Germany

From the original source: They are cops, they are neo-Nazis and they are preparing for X day

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

I read this slowly. Careful not to get overwhelmed. Not to be “shocked.” Not to blur what is written in the pretense of “Some people are damaged  / archaic / living in la la land.” No. This is real. It happens. Do not blur. Agree to fear. Believe it. Some people think that way and they are one living human tissue with me. They are not the “other side”. There are no sides. There is a world. One. We are all in it. One. Connected. Whether we like it or not.

But they do not see themselves as one with me. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what they see or do not see. The truth is the truth. Oneness. Deep down they know they are one with me and that is exactly why they want to get rid of me. Because I am in their way, interfering with them and they are stuck with me. 

But how can something that is one with you, bother you? Like a tumor. This is how many treat refugees or immigrants. Like a cancerous growth that needs to be removed and then all will be well. It is similar to the way many regard mankind in the context of the ecological crisis. But if cancer is also a part of me then how can it be a disturbance? And how do you deal with it?

It cannot be forced out. There is no “outside”. In essence, there is no other side.

And yet, what if someone bluntly and consistently does not accept the other’s right to freedom? My right to freedom.

It is impossible to defend myself from him and condemn him and demand him to be different. He just cannot because he believes his own mind too much. That’s how it is now.

I can then only look at myself, what is happening to me in the face of the fact that he does not believe in my right for freedom.

What do I believe will happen to me if he will persecute me, restrict my movement in the world and maybe even kill me?

If that is what’s happening now,
And I cannot change it,
What am I left with? Surrender?

Does this sound indulgent and silly – just agreeing  with what is happening? Even if they come to kill me? Even if I am being raped? how?

I can not say what is right to do or what is at all possible, I just know that the very question “What do I believe will happen to me if…” directs me, with lots and lots of pain, to  acknowledge my spirit,and to know that it is great. That I have immense love, which can look through me into the eyes of the person who stands in front of me, and through them into that great, great spirit.

If I look at him like that, will he see it in me too? Will he see it at all? Maybe in himself?


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