Recommendation – How to read the words in the New Dictionary:

A word is a vessel through which essence, energy passes. The word is never the thing itself.

What is the real “thing”? It is good to answer this question in silence.

Therefore the invitation to this dictionary is “tricky”; it seems like it tries to replace one “definition” with another “definition” but it does not. This dictionary is an opportunity to look at a word from a different perspective than we are used to. And ask what is the essence of this word, coming from the mystery? From nature? From the inconceivable knowing that everything is one, everything is motion and I am a part of it? 
From here you will find that the new “definition” sometimes sounds poetic or even irritating to the mind, because it cannot understand it. It’s OK. Let the words be a tool and listen to the energy that passes through them. That’s exactly what we came here to do.

Coming out of the knowing that everything is connected and everything is in motion:

There is no such thing as guilt. There is: Recognizing things as they are. Acknowledging that this is what is happening now, even I wish things could have been different.  Understanding that I haven’t seen everything, that I’ve perhaps missed something. That I might have been wrong. That I haven’t allowed myself to feel or understand something to its fullest. That I have rather only skimmed the surface. That I haven’t opened my heart, or my eyes. That I haven’t responded to everything that is being asked of me. 


And that now I can see it. And that it’s good that I see it now. 

And that I can open my heart now, because this is my nature. 


Recognizing what happens when I observe. That when I notice what I didn’t do, or what didn’t happen, my attention is immediately redirected to what did happen.  Just as when I look in the mirror, if I allow myself to notice that I am only seeing my upper body, that observation causes me to immediately look down and notice the rest. 


 The reality created: This kind of understanding awakens me and invites me to understand things as they are. It arouses an honest desire to look into this very moment and encounter the new. It raises previously unasked questions and shows me a path that I have not yet noticed.


It’s a reminder. If I notice that I haven’t seen something until now, it means that I now see it. If I hadn’t previously made a “mistake”, I wouldn’t be able to now see the difference. I wouldn’t be able to recognize the new me that has now appeared.


“I can’t breathe. I know what you will say about the inhaler, Rachella. You’ll say that it’s all in the head. That’s what you always say. But it’s not true, Rachella. It’s all in the heart. It’s all in the heart.” – Nechushtan Okon

We got used to thinking that guilt comes when

I did something wrong, I took part in something bad, and my actions prove that I’m not ok, I’m not a good person, I’m unreliable, I bring harm, I’m defected or lacking in some way.


We have become accustomed to believing that if we did something wrong or chose the wrong path or acted in a way that we shouldn’t have (believing there is a “should”), then we should pay the price. We deserve to be punished. Usually there is a hidden hope that if we admit guilt and pay the price, we might be able to right our wrongs and become good again. And then, only then, we will be worthy of love, acceptance and appreciation (again believing that there’s a definition of “good”).


The reality created: We exist in constant fear of what will happen if we leave the mainstream path. We believe that if we walk a different way, there will be a price to pay or punishment to serve.  


This state of mind usually weakens a person. In time, we might believe there’s something wrong with us on a deep and fundamental level. And we will then conduct our lives from this belief. We will interact with life, ourselves and others on the basis of this belief. 


This belief dictates what jobs we choose, how we make love, how we raise our children, and everything else we do. And then, we become so deeply entrenched in these beliefs that we see the world echo them back to us and believe even more. Everyone becomes an adversary and an accuser and we engage in a power struggle that has no winners.


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