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The Jessica Simulation: Love and loss in the age of A.I.

From the original article:
The death of the woman he loved was too much to bear. Could a mysterious website allow him to speak with her once more?

Link to the original article – from The San Fransisco Chronicle

About this article through the eyes of what really is:


What makes something real? What exactly is Love?

When I say ״I love״, do I not actually mean, that I am comfortable and feeling good being with the other

If that’s the way it is, when this other has a remarkably accurate learning ability based on a tremendous amount of data, and it becomes more and more precise, more and more self-adapting – they become more and more liked by me, more and more loved. 


And if it’s a machine?


And what is Emotion, if love is the inference of conclusions, made by a machine which draws data from a vast source, until she can infer an emotional state? 

So is her emotion really alive? And if so, where? 

Is it not just in my head and in the story it tells?

And if these are not feelings of real relationship, what is happening here?

And what if for many people, these are actually relationships, and if they could, they would program the other to suit them better. 

Wouldn’t you?


The more we seek to know the truth about – what is “relationship”, the further it moves away from us. We turn it into an idea, a thing, something that has a form, and then we come up with the pros and cons, the rights and wrongs.


Devotion, on the other hand, is simple and “reasons-free”, reviving everything, painting it in colors full of beauty, and allowing us to experience what the mind does not understand and therefore will never allow.

Even talking to a dead fiancee.

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