Nothing does not exist

Or: what exists beyond the thoughts?

There is a reality outside the mind. For sure there is. In fact, that’s where Truth lives. Life itself. The beauty and the emerging mystery. The mind does not know what is outside its realms. For the mind – what cannot be seen, understood, deciphered, cataloged, sorted and put into a certain order – does not exist. Therefore, many times, when we reach the limits of the mind, it claims that there is nothing there

(It can also say that it is boring there, there is no life, you can not stay here, and certainly not live from here)

This is not true.
In reality, there is no such thing as “doesn’t exist”.

This place that is outside the mind is here – we just do not have the language to describe it.


One of the main mistakes in the standard scientific model is the understanding of the vacuum. The theories of the current paradigm still define the vacuum as a void. Energy less, lifeless. othing.

Science is run on the assumption that something can be isolated, thus neutralizing the influence of other energies on it. This is how experiments are performed in the laboratory. Put a test tube in a blank, and follow what you want to explore, as if it is free of any influence.

The problem is, that’s just not true. The vacuum is not empty. 

It turns out that if we take a centimeter of space, of emptiness, we will find that there is 39 times more energy there than if we were compressing all the matter in the whole universe!

The vacuum is full of energy. Infinite energy.

So why do we ignore it? Why is it difficult for us to take it into account?

What the mind cannot identify, cannot perceive, measure, quantify, compare, does not exist for it. And we have become very accustomed to perceiving and experiencing the world through the mind.

Just as the matter in the material world is perceived as a thing, and the rest of the energy that is the ocean in which things take place, is perceived as if it is not there, thoughts can be seen as “things,” to which our attention is drawn from habit, from conditioning.

In the Coaching, because we look at a thought, and through it, when I reach the end of the thought – a deep stillness opens. 

The mind does not know what to do with this stillness, this space. It will immediately try to fill it – whether with an idea or a theory that resonates with it, or or with resistance to what has just been discovered, or even in the continuing question like “How can I live it”? Or how can I  experience more of this in my life? ‘

What if we don’t answer?

What if we befriend this place, this space, this unified field, which is always here, and we will not try to fill it up with other things?

The motion of life arises
And takes over
Breathes through us
And we live.

Nassim Haramein is a revolutionary and groundbreaking physicist and scientist. In his studies he unifies quantum physics with the physics of relativity theory, through a deep understanding of the unity of the universe, and that everything is connected. There are quite a few researchers and scientists who see him as being on the forefront of a new scientific paradigm shift and cherish his work. Other scientists from the academic establishment systematically discredit and ignore his works, even though parallel findings to his are increasingly accepted, over time, into the current scientific narrative.

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