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A new look at Change

Or: a feedback loop of information

What happens when I’m asking for a change, and it doesn’t happen?

How to accept it, when I want something to change, and it remains as it is?

“There is no such thing as no change. Nothing ever stays the same. If I think it’s the same, it is a sign that I’m looking through the eyes of my mind.
Everything is constantly in motion, it’s one living, vibrating fabric.

If I do not look from the mind, I will see things that are not seen from the mind. I will see things that reveal the mysterious motion that speaks. I will notice things that have stopped, things that have started, certain understandings that have been realized. I will get a sense of the particles in the body, how they move, I will learn about recovery and healing, all sorts of things.

And for that I have to be completely quiet, and free from any predisposition.

If I have an image, a form, a need, or a fear – I will not see a change, because I compare what is happening to the image I have of what the change is supposed to look like (which will prevent or resolve my need or my fear).

And the second thing, that we really forget, is that when I let all these things I’ve just described happen to me, the world will no longer be the same, because I am part of this fabric.

I am one with everything, therefore, when something happens to me – the entire fabric changes.

Then, if I do not see change,  I will ask myself – from where am I looking that does not allow me to see the change, the movement, the beauty that is revealed? “

From a conversation of Ruth Bar Shalev with a participant in a coaching group (October 13, 2020).


Energy is always in motion, it is never static. Therefore, anything that seems constant and unchanging to us, is a habit that repeats itself out of an inertia of repetition, and a lack of awareness of additional possibilities. It’s like a plowed field, the water will move towards the forrows. There are synapses in the brain that are wired together, routine pathways.

At the same time, it is a mistake to think that change does not happen. Even if it’s just me changing, the whole world changes.

This statement can also be seen through the scientific model of Nassim Harmein, in what he calls “the feedback loop of information” of the universe.

According to Haramein’s model, the entire universe is a living fractal entity, (The word fractal describes the organization of an identical structure on different scales, one embedded within the other, in both directions-  in-out, to infinity).

His model describes how all the “things” in the universe are intertwined and assimilated into each other, to infinity. That is, from the smallest (revealed to man), what we call the “quantum,” to the entire universe. A One breathing, living system.

To read more about the theory of the connected universe, you can read here.

What is important for our case is the understanding that the “things” that are actually black holes – on all scales: from galaxies, through the biological cell, to the atom – communicate with each other in a continuous and constant exchange of information.

Each fractal, informs the fractals connected to it – and since everything is connected to everything – what happens is the mechanics of breathing – inhaling information, processing it within the specific fractal – and exhaling the new calculated information out.

Everyone, big, small, vital or negligible (there really is no such thing) affects the whole.

When we are coaching, and see the difference between our thought and truth, the light that is released in us, becomes available to all.

It is impossible for change not to happen.
We will not necessarily see it.
But it affects, in mysterious ways.

Nassim Haramein is a revolutionary and groundbreaking physicist and scientist. In his studies he unifies quantum physics with the physics of relativity theory, through a deep understanding of the unity of the universe, and that everything is connected. There are quite a few researchers and scientists who see him as being on the forefront of a new scientific paradigm shift and cherish his work. Other scientists from the academic establishment systematically discredit and ignore his works, even though parallel findings to his are increasingly accepted, over time, into the current scientific narrative.

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