My Restaurant Was My Life for 20 Years. Does the World Need It Anymore?

From the original source: Forced to shutter Prune, I’ve been revisiting my original dreams for it — and wondering if there will still be a place for it in the New York of the future.

Through the eyes of What Really Is:

To be willing to bring something to completion, to recognize that it is over, to allow it to die, and not hold on to it or struggle, is possible only when you know, that what is true – does not end, and, in truth, can never end.

So much inner strength, simplicity, pure heart, beauty and self trust are there in this willingness. To say “that’s it”, “enough.”, and to stop. To not push. Not argue. To not strain and resist. To not win. Not overcome. To simply let go.

As long as we believe that who we are today is all there is, we won’t be able to do it.

As long as we believe that what we see and understand is, more or less, all there is to know and understand, we won’t agree to it.

Only the knowing that we are infinite beauty, so beautiful and powerful beyond what words can describe and the mind can grasp, is what allows something to be, and also, to allow it not to be.

A thing is a temporary form. A one-of-a-kind, but passing testimony, to what is real, to what we truly are, to our nature, to the origin of all the creations that will come through us. It will play different melodies on us, and by this, we will know, again and again, anew, what we truly are.

Only when we are willing to complete, with humbleness that stems from great strength that is not definable and understandable, can we know we are participating, in full responsibility and dedication, in the great wonder of life, that shows itself in each moment and in every era, in unique ways and means. And when it’s time for them to be over,  exactly then, the new will show itself.


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