Russian Journalists Meet a Crackdown With Dark Humor and Subscribers

From the original article:

Meduza, a leading independent news site, fights back with jokes and a stunning donation campaign. But can it stand up to the Russian state?

Link to the original article – from The New York Times

About this article through the eyes of what really is:


On the one hand I say – “Enough! The old school is over! Freedom of speech is here, there is no way to stop it now, the internet, the ability to broadcast and express yourself from anywhere, anytime, in any medium, knowing that someone hears your voice and your deep and honest desire for truth, not only hears it, but asks for it and asks for it to be heard over and over and loud as possible. It’s here. There is no way to stop it.”

Then a second voice comes up and says – “Really? Is there really no way to stop it? Have you heard of guns? Have you heard of torture chambers? Of broken bones and abusive humiliation, have you heard? Have you heard of being scared for your life? Yes? Do you think it stopped?”

I know it didn’t. And a cold shiver scrolls through me and I want to close my eyes and disappear.

“So what is going on here!?” My mind wakes me up. “Are we in progress or in a closed loop ?!” My mind asks and it hurts and it’s demanding and desperate and afraid and requests an answer.

I have no answer for you, my precious mind. I also ask. I’m scared too. I hope too. We can not see the bigger picture. We have no way of knowing. It seems we can only be inspired by those who don’t give up on truth and love;

Those who listen to the frightening voices of those who call themselves enemies
And respond to them responsibly,

Ones who listen to the supportive voices of those who call themselves friends
And reply to them with gratitude,

Ones who listen to their own inner voice that says “I’m tired of this mess…”
And answer it with love – “I know, but I can not do otherwise.”



Step by step, the reality that we create, each for him/herself, for each other and for all the rest, is revealed to us. We cannot see the bigger picture because we draw it while walking.

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