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Israel approves new governing coalition, ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year tenure

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To do good. That sounds banal. Maybe even superficial. But it’s not. On the contrary. That’s what it’s all about. From it, everything grows or wilts.


For a long time I felt like I was wilting. I felt like the plants in the garden, when summer comes. They do not die because I water them but they are also not really living; their vividness does not shine. They know they are not dead, and they are doing what they can, but that’s it.


Lies, deception, separating in order to control, thinking only of personal benefit, sacrificing others or forgetting that they even exist, intimidating in order to weaken and create despair. All of these forms create circles of fear and pain which are growing and growing. Joy and beauty, wisdom that gives life, are impossible and cannot live in such a place.


But tectonic plates have moved. The internal and public space is now free and ready for what’s time has come. Something has ripened. 

Sometimes the emptiness and pain have widened the birth canal and something new can be born. Sometimes the joy and our really good acquaintance with our nature, which loves to love and seeks to prosper in ancient and good wisdom, is the thing that does not let go, and demands to shine.


And now – to do good. To take responsibility and be happy about it, to speak the truth and know it is natural, to make decisions from there because that is the only way to create motion, possibilities and results. To love and care for everyone because that is how it is when we do not quarrel but believe in the human spirit. 


When we obey our nature, to what is true – the joy of life and the love of man will flow from us like an eternal spring. And when we deny it, refuse it and seek to control, we suffer and hurt, we get frightened and live in terror.


"JERUSALEM — For the first time in 12 years, Israeli lawmakers voted Sunday to install a government led by someone other than Benjamin Netanyahu, breaking a two-year electoral deadlock, marking a likely shift toward the political center and ending — for now — the reign of the country's longest-serving prime minister, and one of its most consequential."

Introduction – New Journalism Project

The role of the press in the old days was to be the watchdog of democracy – to make sure a different voice is being heard. The new press seeks to act as a responsible participant in what the times require, and a creator of many other responsible participants.

Wisdom, possibility, and creativity exist in everyone. The role of the media and the leaders is to create an environment that brings THIS to light.

As a responsible participant I will listen to what is required in order to serve the higher good of all and of everything.

But what does “what is required” mean when there is no frame of reference? How does one know how to go about it when there are no agreed upon assumptions? Because a ‘frame of reference’ is a premise, a thought. And a responsible participant will cast doubt on old premises and thoughts, and will ask – what would life be like without them?

The mind that is run by fear – interpreting, analyzing, preventing, solving,  leads to a survival mode. Where it can no longer exist or when we don’t obey it blindly – there exists the kind of knowledge which is life giving.

Responsible participation is not to shut myself off but to truly experience. Ask to be touched, ask to be shaken to the core and hear the silence that can be heard between the words. This silence reminds us of what really is.

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