Chaos and violence as crowds keep growing outside Kabul airport


About this article through the eyes of what really is:


As long as we believe in our ability to fix things, control how they happen and their intensity, the price we’ll pay for our actions will go up; our behavior will be more hectic and chaotic and the collapse of our structures will be faster, sharper and more destructive. 


The more global-movements and organizations  we’ll built, which are aimed to block other threatening powers (such as the establishment of the Taliban by the United States, The Islamic Movement by Israel, The South Lebanon Army by Israel, and the US involvement with South Vietnam in the Vietnam War), the more problems will arise; new dimensions of difficulty and complexity in which fear and pain will dominate and rule, will occur.


“No” attracts “No”, “lack” attracts “lack”, fear attracts fear, lies attracts lies, the use of power attracts more use of power, hatred attracts hatred, and destruction attracts destruction.


The alternative is not to ignore, deny or “portrait  everything in pink”.

The alternative is the recognition that what happens in our lives is a result of our perceptions, of the way we see things, of the patterns through which we understand the world and that determines what is seen and not seen, what is perceived and not perceived, what is done and what is not done.


When the Taliban take over Afghanistan at such great speed after so many casualties, suffering, fear and financial investments, when people hang on airplanes while taking off and fall to their deaths, when people are run over to death at the airport by their brothers who want to escape the bitter fate that the Taliban brings with it – this is the moment to stop and ask:


What are the beliefs that create such a horror?

What will The World or The Present look like if we no longer believe in those beliefs?

And what are the new understandings that their time has come? That everything has matured to perceive ? Without which we would be imprisoned in the same circles of suffering?


For example:

One of the beliefs that created this horror:

We will enter with immense power, take control and dominate, subdue the opponent and establish a regime that will operate according to Western values ​​and be an ally of the United States.


What would The world or The Present would look like if we did not believe in this assumption any more?


Another option would be: We will study the culture of the place. We will get to know the forces at work, the way they think and understand things anew. We will know what is important to them, we will respect what is precious to them. We will consider whether it is right to intervene and not think that we can create change without them or that we can force upon them what is foreign to them and their culture.


And if so, what’s time has come?

From here, we  will look for their strength, wisdom and beauty and try with their help to see what is accurate for the people and country in whose life we touch. 

Sometimes, we will not touch. I will learn to get along without what I would like to have or do. I will learn to respect the mystery of life and what it summons to us. Sometimes it is done by the wisdom that our mind is unable to grasp. 

I will learn to accept my own helplessness; I will acknowledge that sometimes I can not influence or change. I will learn that I can not save a culture or population from itself, but only show them beauty and love, help them empower themselves and also – love. And while doing that, looking at myself in a new light.


From the original article:
Kilometres of land near the airport now resemble refugee camps as people desperate to flee the Taliban continue to mass.

Opening words and intentions:


The need to dominate stems from ignorance, from a deep confusion expressed by the world of fear.


The thought which drives domination is a belief that the world is complex and complicated, that I am lacking and vulnerable, and that the name of the game from this point forward is coping. This thought tells me that as a responsible person I must prevent myself and those close to me from experiencing any pain, and if I do not succeed in doing so, then I am guilty of any suffering that might occur. That as a responsible person, I must find mechanisms for protecting myself and my belongings and if I neglect to do so, it means that I have not fulfilled my obligation towards myself or those dear to me, and I will remain lacking and unfulfilled forever. 


When we believe that we are, by our very nature, lacking, needy and vulnerable, we can never truly be happy, loving or fearless – because we will always believe that at any moment what we have will be taken from us. Fear controls our movements and prevents us from resting. Fulfillment and realization of potential are nothing but fleeting thoughts for a person who believes that he is lacking. He will not stop in order to be grateful or happy. Instead, he will feel coerced to reach for the next thing with which he must cope. 


We believe that the prevention of death or insufferable pain, and a guarantee of safety, depends on our ability to orchestrate and direct matters. We believe that we must control the world and dominate it, and this becomes our main focus and our number one priority above all else.


Taken from the book What Really IsChapter 2 – World of FearDomination

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